We believe in a good and solid foundation for golf. Therefore, we’re providing the right environment and equipment for Golfers to improve and hone their golfing skills.

With the latest Launch Monitor Technology and Swing Analysis Software, golfers are able to fine tune their swing and gain in depth understanding and causes of swing flaws.


Here at Mulligan Bay Golf Academy, we welcome all Teaching Professionals to utilise our teaching facilities.

We want to educate all golfers, Beginners & Skilled players alike, that golf is just more than swing mechanics. Golf has evolved from being purely Mechanical to Introduction of Launch Monitor Data to further support the Swing Mechanics.

Public Driving Range aren’t many. Some Golf Club Driving Ranges are restricted to members only. Furthermore, the Quality of Balls and Mats are often in depressed condition. Firstly, Poor Quality Mats affects shots and causes injuries, due to slips and vibrations. Secondly, Poor Quality Balls affects Ball Flights, hence the True Distance, Curvature and Trajectory will be a big question mark.

However, with the Assistance of a Launch Monitor, all these issues are addressed. There will be no guessing works to your Fat, Thin, Slices and Hooks. Precise information will give the instructors an immediate cue to solve your issues, for golf is a Cause & Effect game. Students will learn more than just the Swing Mechanics, with exposure and in depth understanding to Path and Club Face relationship, they will learn faster and could even give themselves a quick fix during a round.

Malaysia’s 1st Foresight Sports Equipped Public Practise Facility


Mulligan Bay Golf Academy is powered by Foresight Sports’ latest GCQuad and GC2 Launch Monitors with FSX2020 & FSXPro Software, Swing Catalyst Video Analysis Software and FLIR High Speed Cameras.


Besides the latest tech for your golf swing, we provide Club Fitting expertise to ensure your equipment matches your swing. We carry a wide variety of Shafts and Grips options.

Our Retail corner caters for your other needs, from the Latest Drivers, Irons, Bags, Gloves, Balls and many other golf accessories.

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